Friday, 10 June 2011

40K OSR? (9)

This week's update on a possible 40K OSR. What's that? Some potential definitions here.

If you identify with the idea, and most of all if you're putting out new takes, go ahead and use Colonel Kane's 40K OSR logo - to the right.

If you do, consider crediting Kane and adding Tales from the Maelstrom to your blogroll. If the OSR exists, this is it; up at the moment more Rogue Trader landing party members.

As well as that, this week we have rules suggestions, conversions and a scratch build, alternative models and short fiction.

A couple of wild cards too, on different scales.

As for me, this weekend should see an expansion for the hive interior supplement I put together for Heroes of Armagedon, with rules for playing games inside gargants. I love the idea, and wonder why I've never seen it done before. I hope I can do it justice.

As usual, any and all links to alternatives are very welcome.


Bartender said...

I loved 40k when you had single metal figures but then they changed to resin so now you have to superglue everything together and it's a pain.

Porky said...

I have a soft spot for one-piece metals. I like the filled spaces and sense of completeness, and even the weight.

Of course, it's likely at least a little of the love comes from being used to multi-part plastics now, and wanting some of the burden of posing back off my own shoulders and on the designer. In a similar way, when one-piece metals were the norm, multi-part plastics were also desirable just for being different.

In a sense the one-piece metal represents acceptance, of a complete artistic work, and it's great just to pick it up and enjoy it as is.

On the whole, I do prefer the freedom of full plastic kits, but I know when I build and convert I'm often aiming at the best of the one-piece effect.

Hudson said...

Hey, thanks for the spotlight.