Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Money in old tropes - Marines

A series in which I give YOU a new take on a tired old idea in fiction. Go forth and earn! First up it's marines, stars of so many - yawn - franchises and staples of military sci-fi.

You see them. You see... Baddies, handlers too. Butcherbutcher. Everybody's gone, sir. Fin.

The Marines. Creaming the cream of the cream across galaxies, the Milky Way barely a fatty spot on their tablecloth; so highly trained they stoop beneath the information ceiling of the universe.

They leap through higher dimensions to cover light eras of three-dimensional space, skipping from fluid to fluid, the denser the better. They appear suddenly in oceans, atmospheres, nebulae, the darkest of dark matter, surfing the forces between particles.

They condense the fabric of being for their armour, weaponise the fundamentals to release the near-boundless energy in existence. Irony they sacrificed first and thus they are gods to fearful worlds.

But that may go only so far in a thinning universe. Are they tools in the wrong kit? Entropy grows. And their maisters hold the wax.


The Angry Lurker said...

They are the scapegoats of the universe I'm afraid.

Porky said...

Maybe. And they may not care, but soft power is still power after all.