Friday, 3 June 2011

It's life, Lalei, but not as we know it

A quick update on the Humanspace Empires playtest being run at Spaceswords & Glory, where the tension's rising fast.

There's an intruder on the ship, one of the interdimensional Mihálli. The Deeds of Glory is now being locked down and a security team with a plan is moving to intercept, cautiously.

Down on the ice planet, at the site of the former research station, unknown beings are closing on the shuttle. Warbots are prepared, air tablets in and weapons made ready...

We've got a half dozen or so players. I'm guiding Payákár, a compassionate eight-limbed alien armed with a mighty Z-ray energy rifle - phasers on kill, shoot to stun - and bearing a secret. A mystery influence.
You can read up on the events so far and all follow the action through the posts and comments, and there's general info on the project here. If it's new to you, Humanspace Empires is a pulp science fantasy roleplaying game by The Drune at ix, reviewed here.

I highly recommend checking out the second of the two games as well, at Ancient Astronauts, an exploration of a future Mars. The escape in the van just hit a snag...


John Lambshead said...

I have always been inhibited by being a professional biologist when it comes to alien life. If it exists, it is likely to be very much as we know it. :)

Porky said...

This would make a great subject for a Deep thought Friday.

It's really the 40K OSR? going up on Fridays now that keeps that old regular out, and I rarely even think of running it these days. Maybe I'll move one or other post to another day to get it back. It was a lot of fun and popular.

To be honest though, I'm not sure we haven't covered this particular subject in that slot before. Then again, even if we have, I'd be glad to again.