Friday, 3 June 2011

40K OSR? (8)

This week's update on a possible 40K OSR. What is it? Some potential definitions here.

If you identify with the concept, especially if you're putting out new ideas, feel free to use Colonel Kane's 40K OSR logo - to the right.

If you do, consider crediting the Colonel and adding Tales from the Maelstrom to your roll,
as one of the great 40K and gaming blogs.

So what does this week bring?

Fresh approaches, a scenario and battle report, conversions, brand new rules and original writing, as well as some comment and reflection, all in that order. Plenty.

If you think anything else should be in here, just go right ahead and leave the links.


Bartender said...

How are you my friend! Been very busy at the moment. Have not had my own computer for a while. Nice to see you have 195 followers!

Porky said...

Hello and welcome back! I hope this does mean you'll be back blogging. There's been a certain something lacking round here, that suave dash and derring-do.

I'm fine, starting to get busy again too - I'll bet you got plenty done while offline. I keep looking at the space a break would give me. Even if it's great fun, blogging and reading blogs can get quite distracting, and time flies by. That 195 has snuck up on me. Doesn't seem so long ago it was 100, or even the low two digits..!

Bix said...

More thanks for another mention Porky & a brief apology for my lack of prescence these last few months. I'm trying to play catch up with blog stalwarts like your good self, whose output knows no bounds; whilst returning the Edge to some semblance of productivity.

All the best.


Porky said...

No trouble at all and no need to apologise! I look forward to linking more even, but to your schedule, whatever it is.

As for the output here, it does know bounds more's the pity, although not in ideas I hope, just time. Too much to do!