Thursday, 16 February 2012

Appendix OSR (1)

I caught up with the latest articles at Orion's Arm today. There's one on attention economics and another on money in post-scarcity economies.

We're not post-scarcity on Earth yet - all of us at any rate - but the tabletop gaming community as represented online, when online at least, does to some degree resemble that kind of association.

So what do we do with all the potential we have?

Even if we don't get a wider discussion going just yet, it can't hurt to build up a useful reading list...


ckutalik said...

If someone starts using "rhizome" and Temporary Autonomous Zone (even worse just TAZ) here I'm going to have a Deluezean acid flashback to 1992.

Thanks for the link P. a good reminder that the "Future" may look like something other than a projection of the present.

Porky said...

Orion's Arm is great reading in general, and like Riskail opens my mind just a little wider every time.

As for the flashback material, I can see us working through all of that. Look away now...

... while I link to the basics. I can't believe anyone will regret reading up on them.

- Gilles Deleuze
- The rhizome
- The Temporary Autonomous Zone