Saturday, 25 February 2012

40K OSR? (16)

So far, so good then - it's been less than two weeks since the last full 40K OSR? update.

Possible definitions for 'OSR' here and Colonel Kane's logo to the right. If you use it, consider giving him the credit and adding Tales from the Maelstrom to your blogroll as an exemplar.

          As always, feel free to leave links to anything you think I've missed, even your own work.

          Update: Look at what Jeff just posted, but only if you're not easily provoked, and don't mind a bit of strong language - it's Lasfodder, an RPG set in the world of Rogue Trader.


            The Happy Whisk said...

            Wow, wow, wow. This is a lot of goings on. Thanks for taking the time to write this up.

            Bix said...

            Wow that's a bumper crop of OSR Porky; as always thanks for doing all the legwork and for the kind nod.

            Porky said...

            There's such a huge amount going on that even with a list this long I wonder how much I must have missed.

            @ The Happy Whisk - Your comment was classified as spam, and I wonder why. I can only think it was the 'wow', or rather the fact it repeats, but maybe it was the fact of using any word three times in a row? Interesting. I hope it wasn't because you're engaged and comment a lot across the blogs, and that a relatively high level of interest looks like spamming. If so, sad face. High non-spamming commenters should really get given a break by the software, and not need to go through the verification for example.

            @ Bix - No trouble at all. It's good to have you back and posting regularly, especially with such a good mix of posts, and posts as useful as the one linked here and the most recent - making a wet palette for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

            Hudson said...

            Lot's of cool stuff going on! Thanks for the mention, Porky, I've just posted the pics of the finished diorama.

            Porky said...

            No trouble at all. For everyone reading this who wants a look, here's a direct link.