Monday, 20 February 2012

Rogue Space - Empyric Citiʒant

More material for the Rogue Space project. This time it's a new player character for games in the Empyre setting, the everyman Empyric Citiʒant.

The 'ʒ' is pronounced the same way as the 'g' in 'genre', to load the word with more meanings and reflect the ideas in the background.

Empyric Citiʒant

In the deadly war of words known as the Uncivil Discourse, the Interlocutors call upon the Citiʒants of manifold Empyric worlds, for 'ʒantries can be convinced to take up any cause in relevant numbers if the promotional campaign is glitzy enough. On every front the Pleople speak, and do not mince their words; they mince their enemy - themselves.

A Citiʒant may not be the equal of an Innergrounder, or have access to the same level of weaponry, but the individual does have a degree of specialist knowledge or ability either drummed in, programmed or literally embodied from an early age, if not before.

Attributes: To use a point pool, divide 2 points among the Attributes. To determine Attributes randomly, roll 1d6 for each Attribute on the following modified points table.

Roll        1    2    3    4    5    6
ATR #    -1   -1    0  +1  +1  +2

Archetype: Any ordinarily available, but with the starting Hit Points total reduced by 1. 

Career: A Citiʒant has a socio-economic role represented by one word; this may be two or more words at the discretion of the GM. Each word is created by the player and/or GM, or generated by rolling 3D6 once on each table, combining the two elements.

 3) trepi-; 4) Who-; 5) preter-; 6) No-; 7) yoro-; 8) credu-; 9) ricto-; 10) ware-; 11) meteo-;
 12) putro-; 13) manu-; 14) loco-; 15) gyro-; 16) munito-; 17) macro-; 18) astro-

 3) -nik; 4) -dude; 5) -nut; 6) -dule; 7) -droll; 8) -monger; 9) -node; 10) -klep; 11) -crat;
 12) -goon; 13) -lug; 14) -mech; 15) -werk; 16) -path; 17) -list; 18) -lect

Each word is interpreted by the player(s) and/or GM and assigned two areas of ability, one area of ability per element. If one of the areas may be useful when the character takes an action, the player may reroll one die; if both areas, both may be rerolled.

Example: A putrocrat is an administrator in waste disposal. Dealing with red tape or navigating a sewer, one may be rerolled; searching a database for cycler plans, both.

Equipment: Widespread / 1d6 Appropriate / 1 Rare. Starting weapons have a Range and Damage one Rating lower than normal, e.g. Range M, Damage V becomes Range S, Damage L. A Range of S drops to 0, and a Damage of S drops to LOL, i.e. 1D6-1.

I'm planning an Empyric equipment list, which is why there's a division into a range of rarities. As ever, all thoughts are welcome, and for more material follow the links below.



Fenway5 said...

Porky that is fantastic (as always) the rule book edit is almost done!!

Porky said...

That's good news on both counts. You're turning that book around at an impressive pace given there's new material going in and you're doing the art in-house. Hopefully it gives all the past material a new lease of life and encourages even more.