Friday, 10 February 2012

Steps - lines - structure

You start up the trail towards a narrow arc of sky. The winding roots enclose stretches of soft turf, forming a set of natural steps; the spring in the earth makes the going easy.

Emerging above the trees on either side are sets of criss-crossing lines, strung taut high over the path. They sway in the chill breeze, glint in the light, whine in the moving air.

As you crest the last stair, the dome of a bare hilltop spreads before you. At the centre looms a single featureless structure, light in colour, large, perhaps capacious. Its outer surface is sheer, the top curved tighter than the hill. There is an opening at ground level.

Silence but for the wind.

Continue up to investigate the opening   Blog One
Circle the hilltop under the treeline   Blog One
Pause, observing the clearing   Blog One
Study the lines over the trail   Blog One
Return down the slope   Blog One

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