Friday, 3 February 2012

The blogwalk goes ever on!

Two more scenes for the blogwalk are live at Hereticwerks - here and here. They're both evocative and the second really opens doors. We now have 39 at seven blogs!

If you haven't tried it yet, it's a gamebook-style romp with the reader choosing how to continue from a list at the end of most scenes. Well worth a look, and if you want to jump in and write a scene, no need to ask. Just choose the scene, write it, post and leave the URL in a comment at the scene before it, for adding to the set of options.

I'll aim to get a full list of scenes up today, to help us get a handle on where we are.

For now, you can begin a journey at any time from the first, at the ancient oak...


G said...

this is such a great concept...and a great story as well

Porky said...

I can't speak for everyone involved, but I'd imagine they'd be happy to hear it, and for my part I am and I agree with you. There's a lot can be done with it. If you have a scene or two to run through your blog, go for it.