Wednesday, 29 February 2012

You've got a commerve...

I was typing a bit fast today and spelt the word 'commerce' wrong. But 'commerve' has to mean something, right? Somewhere and somewhen...

Not every vessel is commervous, but those that are laugh and cry with local space, trembling around their passengers at almost imperceptible frequencies. The passengers may be troubled by the experience at some deep level, and soak up the horror of it unbeknown for later, but they do gain immediately, and tangibly. For the sensory endings of the commerve are plugged into subrealian tissues, and feel the tension of the traumas flowing from the brutal brood worlds of the hot stars. With the forewarning of a slight twinge, the pangs of those spacetime streams may be avoided.


The Happy Whisk said...

Hey, hey, hey, now. I like that a lot. Very well done. It all flowed so nicely, and read smooth.

Thanks for sharing that.

And thanks for all your comments on my blog this week. It was nice to be home and get to do two posts, each day.

And now ... off to bed. Work tomorrow. Excited to go back.

Boogie, boogie, boogie.

Porky said...

Thanks - it popped in more or less ready-made, and hopefully makes good inspiration. Re comments, it's long been near-impossible to keep up with everything being posted, but that doesn't mean we can't give it a go, and you're an inspiration there. It's good to know you're excited by work too - that's an ideal.